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Thank you to everyone who made SaskExpress a part of their December celebrations by coming to White Christmas

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"I loved White Christmas so much! Excellent job to everyone! I want to go again with my mom and sister. I’m telling everyone it’s A Must See!" - Karen Schmalenberg

"Amazing show on opening night. Wow. You all brought the show to life and have amazing actors and actresses. Can not wait to come back again!" - Shelysha Bouvier

"The whole show was just excellent, congratulations to all concerned. There was lots of hard work to make this happen. So please get your tickets before its to late." - Robert Young

"That show….how absolutely amazing.  The amount of work that goes into it SHOWED by a highly polished, absolutely stunning performance by everyone. They just keep getting better and better. Danny Balkwill has given SaskExpress a brand new attitude and the love he has for the show truly shines through.  The fact that you put my grandmothers name [Betty Crossman] on an evening full of wonder, beauty and talent truly touched us all.  I am sure her toes were tapping, wherever she is.  I couldn’t help but think back when the young girl was dancing on stage with the gal who played the Innkeeper as my grandma and I used to ‘polka’ around the house when I young.  My grandparents had this huge kitchen/living room/dining room that basically was one big ‘circle’ which gave us ample opportunity to do so.  Was a nice memory to be reminded of. " - Danielle Kuffner