Inspired by the SaskExpress Theatre Company in Regina, our two jr. performing groups provide unique triple threat training and performance opportunities.

These groups are meant for students who are serious about performance and require a serious commitment with Saturday rehearsals and multiple performance commitments. Each group works on show material for the holiday season and for the spring/summer season, performing throughout the year at schools, for local community events as well as studio functions. Students should be ready for 3-hour weekly rehearsals, have enough self discipline to practice material and ensure they are confident in what they are learning.


WHEN: Sunday, January 7th from 5:00-8:30 PM

WHERE: SaskExpress Saskatoon, Bay 40-368 Edson Street. Please arrive a few minutes early for your audition to give yourself time to warm up prior to your
WHO: EVERYONE is welcome to audition for either group. You do not have to be a current student at SaskExpress to audition. There are no pre requisites for either program, however because of the performance level of each group it is recommended that students be enrolled in jazz, ballet and a vocal tech program and as these are auditioned groups, preference may be given to students who are enrolled in additional programming. 
HOW: The Auditon Form can be found here! Audition forms MUST be completed before your audition time. They can be scanned and sent to  or dropped off at the studio. If your child is in need of an individual time, email Michelle.


Please prepare ONE song (verse and chorus) that shows off your voice. You must bring an
instrumental track to perform with. NO acapella auditions will be permitted. If you wish to
accompany yourself on a guitar or keyboard, you may do so, but instruments will not be provided
by SaskExpress. If you have a song you wish to perform but can’t find a track, please email (BEFORE your audition and our creative director will see if she has a
track available for you to use)
If you are a dancer and you have a solo or would like to create a combination that showcases your
skills, please prep something that does not exceed one minute. If you are not a dancer then please
indicate this on your form and you will be taught a short combination that is meant to show us how
well you move and how you pick up on choreography. Please do not stress as this is meant to be a
learning experience and it is important for us to see where you are at, so that we can ensure you
are placed in a program that will be beneficial to you.
Please create and memorize a short (no longer than 30 seconds) intro that introduces you and a
song of your choice. For example: "Hi my name is Susie and up next we have a song by Ariana
Grande. She is an amazing singer who made her Broadway debut in the show 13. Now she's a pop
princess and we are excited to share our version of Break Free."

EXTRA INFO: SaskExpress auditions at this level are meant to be part of the learning experience. If at any time while you are prepping, or even during your audition, you have questions or are unsure about
something, PLEASE ASK! We want you to succeed and are here to help you reach your potential!

Music that you are using should be downloaded on a device that is not locked and is in airplane mode so that your audition isn't interrupted by a call or a text. Streaming from Youtube is not
recommended and the song should be downloaded. Please wear something that you are comfortable and can move in.