As a non-profit organization, we at SaskExpress appreciate any and all help! Your donation or sponsorship not only helps us perform and grow as a company, but also helps support the dreams of young Saskatchewan artists. We are passionate about providing access to the benefits of performing arts while also offering paid opportunities/jobs to talented singers, dancers, actors, and technicians from our province who want to make a career in the performing arts.

How can I help?

--> The Express Club membership program started as one of our new Artistic Director, Danny Balkwill’s, many initiatives to create a broad-spectrum culture of inclusion and fellowship. Hence, we have redesigned the former Patrons and Members Program (a donation fund) to be the Express Club. The new Express Club has various levels of donation beginning with the basic $20/year membership fee up to $5,000 and more. We are proud of the environment that we have created for our casts and students at SaskExpress. Our aspiring artists often talk of the acceptance, fun and family feeling they experience while they are here, and they’ve told us it’s where they feel like they belong.  We imagined how exciting it would be to include our supporters in this environment. We hope you feel it’s Where You Belong! Become a member today!

--> Be a part of history by helping us build a green room and dressing rooms with our Capital CampaignIn 2007, we began renovations on the former gymnasium in our space at 2272 Pasqua Street in Regina. We now have a beautiful, fully-function theatre! However, we don't have dressing rooms or a greenroom space for the performers and companies who book our space. Carol Gay Bell, our founder and former Artistic Director, has been working diligently on the gym conversion and has now turned her eye to the final renovations to our garage, which will provide the space we need to complete these rooms. The current Capital Campaign was launched in 2019 to raise funds for the conversion and will applied directly to the project. All donors to the program will have their names engraved on a plaque that will hang outside the theatre once the renovations are completed.


Interested in becoming a sponsor? Contact us by email at or by calling 306-522-3400.