For more information, please download our Studio Fees & Discounts document or email

Registration Fee

This is a one-time $55/per student administration fee collected at the time of registration.

  • Early Bird Registration: Register before July 31 and save $25 off the registration fee

  • Camper special: Students registered in a summer camp will receive the $25 discount all summer.

Class Fees

  • Our fee structure is based on the number of hours per week that a dancer is taking classes. For the breakdown of monthly fees, please view/download our Studio Fees & Discounts document. Discounts are built into the monthly fees so that the more classes you take, the more of a discount you receive.

  • To calculate your fees, please add up the total number of hours your child is dancing each weekand then check the column to find your cost. Please note that most of the classes run on a 9 month cycle. Anastasia and Willy Wonka are 10 months. Sessional drama classes are 4 month sessions. Do not include SPARK Performing Arts Preschool in your weekly total.

  • For information on SPARK Performing Arts Preschool and their fees, please check out or SPARK page.

  • Fees are charged on the 1st of the month. If the 1 st falls on a weekend, fees are processed the following Monday.

  • Family Discount: For families with multiple children enrolled at the studio, each additional student will receive 10% off their monthly fees (including adults). Family discounts do not apply to SPARK preschool fees and/or camp and workshop fees.

Costume Fees

  • Costume deposits of $100 per recital class for female identifying performers and $75 for male identifying performers are charged on October 15 and will be credited towards the costume ordered for each class. Families with costume deposits over $500 will have it split between October 15 and November 15.

  • Costume deposits are not required for drama classes, Vocal Variations, and Creative Kids/Tots classes.

  • Any remaining costume balances will be invoiced in March. Families with costume balances over $500, will be split between March 15 and April 15.

  • Costume deposits are non refundable after November 15 or the date that they are ordered-whichever comes first.

  • Students involved in our year end productions will receive a “recital t-shirt” as part of their costumes for opening, closing, and combined numbers. This will be charged in the spring and is approximately $20.

  • Competitive students choosing to do solos/duos/trios at the competitions will be responsible for providing and paying for their own costumes.

Competition Fees

  • All competitive dancers pay fees to enter each event we attend. Fee information will be sent home in October.

  • Competitive students will be charged $30 deposits per class on December 1 to offset competition entry fees.

  • All students in Level 2 to 6 competitive classes, will be entered in 3 competitions. Attendance is mandatory.

  • Level 1 is optionally competitive. Students choosing to opt out/not attend the competitions will need to return their “Competition Opt Out Form” by October 31.

  • Remaining competition fee amounts must be paid no later than March 1.

  • Competition fees are non refundable.

Choreography Fees for Solos / Duos / Trios

  • Students choosing to learn and perform solos /duo /trios at competitions will have a separate choreography fee. The fee includes 2 choreography & 2 cleaning sessions with an instructor, music editing, and support at the competitions. If additional rehearsal time with the choreographer is required, there will be an additional charge. If students do not attend their scheduled practices with their choreographers, there may be an additional charge.

  • Students must be enrolled and taking a competitive choreography class for the genre of dance they are wanting to perform (ie. You must be taking competitive hip-hop if you would like to do a hip-hop solo).

  • $200/solo, $150/dancer for a duo or trio

Exam Fees

  • Students enrolled in Jazz and Tap syllabus classes and Ballet technique classes will have the opportunity to partake in CDTA (Canadian Dance Teacher’s Association) and RAD (Royal Academy of Dance) exams.

  • These exam registration fees are approx. $50-$120 per exam depending on the level being taken.

  • Fees are billed to your account once decided if your child will complete the exam. Exams are in December and/or June. Registration in the exam is at the teacher’s discretion.

Photos / Video Orders

  • We do a studio photo weekend as well as have DVD/USBs available for many of our performances/year end productions. Fees for these are set by the third party we contract to provide these services.

  • Purchasing these items is optional.