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Saskatoon Info

Where Is The Studio Located?

Our studio is located in Stonebridge at #40-386 Edson Street. We are conveniantly located in an exercise hub with Marian Gymnastics across the street, Ivy Yoga and Crossfit Ashlar next door, and DJ's Adventureland down the street.

Who Can I Contact For Assistance With Registering Or Questions?

We would be happy to help! Please email with any questions or call 306-477-5553. We're also able to offer tours of our building, or meetings with our directors in order to ensure we find the right classes for your performer! If you are wanting more details regarding SPARK Preschool, feel free to email!

How Much Do Classes Cost?

Our fee structure is based on the number of hours per week that a dancer is taking classes. Discounts are built into the monthly fees so that the more classes you take, the more of a discount you receive. Please see our Class Fees & Offers Page for a breakdown and list of current discounts/offers!

Important Dates

Download the Full Important Dates

Go check out our new and continually updated Studio Calendar!

Code Of Conduct

Download the Code Of Conduct

Behavior that breaches this code of conduct will be dealt with in the following manner:

  • Initial Consultation: For matters involving students, parents/guardians, or studio instructors, the studio director(s) will meet with the individuals involved.  For other matters, the SaskExpress business manager, as appropriate, will conduct the initial consultation with the individuals involved. The problem will be defined on paper.  Goals will be established and an approach for solving the problem will be determined.

  • Second Consultation: If the initial plan for solving the problem fails, a second meeting will be held. Another attempt to identify the problem and establish new problem solving approaches will be discussed. Consequences will be determined, should the problem continue. 

  • Suspension or Discontinuation of Studio Enrolment or Involvement: If the previous processes have been executed and the problem persists, the student and/or parent/guardian may be suspended from the studio indefinitely.  

Please Note: The studio director(s) reserve the right to suspend students from the studio who exhibit behavior that is considered harmful to themselves or others at any time.

Studio Attire

Students do have required attire and shoes for their classes. For a full list of attire requirements for each genre, visit our Attire Page or Click Here to Download the document and Click Here to Download the hair and clothing requirements.

It is important that students are wearing the correct attire and hairstyle. Students in ballet and ballet technique classes need to have their hair in a bun. For other classes, hair should be tied back (ponytail or braid).

Policies & Procedures

2024-2025 Studio Policies and Procedures

Click Here to Download Studio Policies and Procedures


The SaskExpress Studio provides an inclusive, welcoming, and family-friendly environment for students of all ages and levels of experience. We believe that training in the performing arts encourages self-confidence, ambition, teamwork, creativity, and resilience. We are highly invested in the growth of each of our students, and we feel fortunate to have the opportunity to be a part of their development as both young individuals and performers.


Our classes are designed so that students will learn dance, voice, acting and musical theatre skills in a safe space that provides encouragement and inspiration for healthy, positive growth and development.


We believe:

  1. Every staff member and student should be treated with respect and encouragement.

  2. Every student has unique talents and will benefit from creative learning strategies.

  3. The performing arts are a platform that we can use to help students develop confidence and authenticity.

  4. Instructors should embody values that enable them to be excellent role models for our students.


  • All registered families and dancers are required to read and abide by the Studio Policies. 

  • Studio communication is facilitated largely by email. Please ensure we have your correct email address, and that you check this contact frequently for studio updates and schedules. Pertinent information will also be posted on the studio bulletin board and on our internal website (

  • General inquiries and attendance notices should be sent to

  • Student class placement is determined by the studio director(s) and instructors with the best interests of each student in mind.  Any questions pertaining to this matter are to be discussed with the studio director(s).


  • The registration administration fee is non-refundable.

  • Costume deposits are non-refundable after November 15 or the date they are ordered-which ever is earlier.

  • Competition and exam entry fees are non-refundable. 

  • Class cancellation:

    • To cancel monthly payments, parents/guardians must notify us about withdrawals with a written notice before the 22nd of the month.

    • Verbal notice will NOT be accepted, we must have a record of the withdrawal from the class in email format. Keep in mind, if parents decide that they would like to pull their child from the month of May, their child will NOT be in the recital.

    • Notice for removal from a registered class may be submitted by contacting 


  • All students are expected to attend class regularly.  Attendance is recorded at every class and monitored throughout the year. If you are sick, do not attend class or any other studio events.

  • If a student is injured but healthy, we encourage them to attend class as an observer so that they can continue to learn without dancing. This is important in competitive classes.

  • We request you contact the studio before 4:00 pm on the weekday of the absence or by 9:00am on Saturdays by emailing

  • Students registered in competition and exam classes with four (4) or more absences will be contacted by the studio director(s). These students may be removed from competition, or require additional lessons at the expense of the student/family.

    • We are supportive of our students’ other commitments; however, it is expected that class attendance is a priority. As such, reasons used for ‘excused absences’ will be at the discretion of the studio director(s) and instructors. Medical and family emergencies, in addition to absences due to illness or suspected illness, are exempt from this policy.

    • Students in Level 2-6 competition classes are expected to attend all 3 competitive events.


  • To view/download our full dancer/student etiquette policy, Click Here.

  • Students and parents/guardians are expected to show respect to the studio director(s), instructors, assistants, and staff at all times.

  • Students will act respectful to our studio property, building, and belongings. Students who are caught damaging and/or destroying studio property will have a charge added to their accounts.

  • Parents are NOT to interrupt instructors to discuss studio matters. Parents are to direct questions, concerns and inquiries to the studio director(s) and lobby personnel. 

  • Please remove all outdoor footwear at the front doors, place shoes on the shoe rack, and utilize hallway hooks for hanging jackets and bags.

  • SaskExpress is NOT responsible for lost, stolen, or misplaced items. We recommend all valuables be left at home.

  • All belongings (waterbottles, dance shoes, snow boots, running shoes, jackets, bags, etc) must be labelled with the student’s name.

  • Food is to be consumed in designated eating areas only. No food is allowed on the poufs. All studio members are expected to clean up after themselves.

  • For safety reasons, running in the hallway is not permitted.

  • All students are expected to refer to the Studio Important Dates document for mandatory studio events, and attend and participate in studio activities and performances throughout the year. All studio dates are tentative and subject to change.


  • Appropriate dance shoes and attire is expected from all students. Hair should be pulled neatly off the face or tied up in a ponytail for all classes, and styled in a proper and secure bun for ballet. Please reference the Studio Attire Requirements document for more information as well as Hair and Clothing Requirements. Jewelry (with the exception of small earrings), gum, and outdoor shoes are not permitted in the dance studios.

  • Studio directors and instructors reserve the right to remove dancers from class for inappropriate attire.


  • Dance bags and belongings are to be left in the hallways during class time. Waterbottles, with a screw-on or sealing lid, should be brought into the classroom/studio. No other food/drinks are allowed in the studios.

  • NO cell phone policy

    • Cell phones are NOT to be used during class. Cell phones should be stored inside students’ bags in the hallway with the ringer turned off/on silent.

    • The rule above applies to smart watches and other smart devices, excluding those who need one for a health related reason, which needs to be provided to the studio director.

    • Students are not to check cell phones during water breaks.

  • Excessive talking during class is not acceptable. Students are expected to treat instructors and classmates with respect at all times. Students are expected to listen closely when an instructor is correcting another student so that they may also learn from the correction.

  • Students should arrive on time for class and in their proper attire and with their hair styled correctly before class begins.