Important note:⁣
SaskExpress takes Covid-19 and the safety of our employees very seriously. We would like to note that we filmed this production before the mandated mask policy was put in place, however, we used the industry standard for filming. This included testing everyone before we began filming and then we continued to constantly monitor all involved. We also had crew masked at all times. The cast were masked and only took of their mask off for the recorded takes. We kept people socially distant until filming as well. We hope everyone can remain safe and healthy during these difficult times.

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CROCODILE CLUB is an original 6 episode mini-series written and directed by Danny Balkwill. It tells the story of 6 childhood friends who bonded over spending every Christmas Eve together at their local skating rink. Each episode follows the story of each character and where they have ended up. As each of their lives unfolds around them, they realize the impact their friends, and the rink they grew up at, means to them. Will the forces of fate reunite them again this Christmas Eve?

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