JULY 11, 2021 UPDATE

With the removal of all provincial health restrictions related to Covid-19 as of July 11, 2021, SaskExpress feels it is important to let our families, students and guests know how SaskExpress plans to proceed in ensuring the health and safety of everyone entering our facilities / attending classes.

Hand Sanitizer

SaskExpress is requesting those who attend our facility to continue to use the hand sanitizer provided at our facilities. Hand Sanitization is an effective tool in preventing transmissible bacteria between individuals and we will continue its use.


Masks have been shown to be an effective tool in preventing the spread of viruses such as Covid-19. While we encourage anyone who is not vaccinated to wear a mask to help protect others, SaskExpress will not be mandating the use of masks in our facility. Anyone who wishes to wear a mask regardless of being vaccinated, should feel free to do so.

Physical Distancing

With the restrictions lifted for physical distancing, and due to the nature of our business we will not be implementing any distancing requirements, however, the personal space of others should be respected


SaskExpress believes in the science behind the vaccines and that they are the best method of preventing Covid-19 infection. We strongly encourage everyone attending SaskExpress to be vaccinated to help prevent the spread of this virus.


SaskExpress will be continuing with its extended cleaning protocols of cleaning all high touch surfaces frequently and will continue to use HEPA filtration systems in our spaces to provide fresh circulated air.

Sharing of personal belongings

SaskExpress continues to restrict the sharing of personal belonging amongst students and guests. Please ensure you do not share items such as water bottles, food, utensils, etc.

SaskExpress will continue to monitor the guidelines and recommendations of the Saskatchewan Health Authority and the Government of Saskatchewan, and may make changes to the policies listed above at any time.

Danny Balkwill
C.E.O / Artistic Director