Hip Hop / Tap / Creative Kids


Shaelynn is excited to return to the Studio and get back to dancing after an extra long break. She cannot wait to share her love of dance with our students and give everyone a creative stress release in a time of so much uncertainty. Shaelynn expresses her love for SaskExpress as it has grown to be a second family for her and allows for an environment where each student is free to be their genuine self. She believes that dance also has the power to build skills in a holistic manner, using steps and technique to build confidence and growth in each dancer. Shaelynn has developed a love for multiple genres of dance over her years of training and enjoys taking any chance she can to grow her dance knowledge and learn from those around her. Tap and hip hop are the styles she feels most passionate about and she looks forward to sharing her passions for these styles with her students each year. As a choreographer Shaelynn has been singled out for her creativity and age appropriate choreography. Shaelynn is excited to continue her growth as an instructor by challenging and encouraging all of the talented dancers that come her way.