Hip Hop / Jazz

Miss Erin is back for her 5th year at SaskExpress and is teaching jazz and hip hop this season. After growing up at SaskExpress and being involved in other studios throughout Saskatoon, Erin applied for Harbour Dance Centres Intensive Training Program in Vancouver, BC. Upon her acceptance, she was trained/mentored by many leading professionals and choreographers in the industry. She took part in many performances and continued to teach out of a local studio, as well. Once she returned to Saskatoon, Erin completed her schooling to become a registered massage therapist and began her own practice. She has since taken teachers trainings for yoga and meditation, for which she is currently advancing her education in. Erin's philosophy as an instructor centers around acknowledging the person before the dancer; she believes students are at their best when they are equipped with tools to enhance their physical and emotional health inside and outside of the studio.