COVID-19 Response

We are extremely excited to welcome both new and returning families to the studio this fall, and we are prepared to implement new processes to ensure a safe return to class. We remain committed to providing an inclusive, inspiring, and family-friendly space for all of our students, while keeping health and safety a top priority for our studio families, staff, and community. We have created a plan with the current health and safety information available from government and public health officials, and we will continue to update our processes and communication to remain aligned with these recommendations. We thank you for your cooperation as we continue to navigate this new normal.

Inspiring New Beginnings

We look forward to working with our staff and students to find new opportunities, create new milestones, and ultimately inspire new beginnings with the following health and safety protocols in place:

  1. Point your toes, but don't touch your nose (or anyone else's!)
    • ​​We ask that all families educate their dancers about the new policies and physical distancing measures in place at the studio. While in class, students will be expected to stay within their designated area, keeping their hands to themselves. Instructors will wear face masks or shields. Students enrolled in musical theatre classes may need to wear face shields (as deemed appropriate by public health officials) due to the nature of singing.
  2. Dancing apart, yet closer in heart
    • Class sizes and placements will be designed to adhere to relevant physical distancing and gathering restrictions. We have 2 entrances at the SaskExpress Studio, in addition to multiple washroom facilities, and we plan to use these features to help facilitate the flow of traffic. Extra buffer times have been built into the schedule for Saturday classes as an additional precaution. For stacked classes without buffer times, 5 minutes at the end of class will be used for sanitization and cleaning.
  3. Be wise, sanitize
    • Students and staff will sanitize or wash their hands upon entry into the building and after every class. All frequently touched surfaces (ie. door knobs, ballet barres, mats) will be sanitized between every class.
  4. The kitchen (and hallway) is closed for business
    • Our hallway and parent waiting area will be closed until further notice Parents of young dancers may move through the hallway to drop off and pick-up their dancer. Dancers with breaks in their schedule may remain in the designated dancer area. Please note that remaining at the studio will only be permitted in between classes - dancers who are done class are asked to be picked up promptly.
      • Young dancers with a 15 minute break between Saturday classes will be able to remain in their designated studio until their next class starts.
  5. It may be tough, but don't share your stuff
    • Sharing of food, hair accessories, dance attire, or other personal belongings will not be permitted at the studio. All dancers should bring a water bottle to class, but please avoid bringing any other unnecessary personal items from home.
  6. Be on time, every time
    • ​​Dancers are to arrive dressed for class to limit traffic in and out of our washroom facilities and enter the studio no more than 5 minutes before their class starts. The studio has a parking lot and many street parking spaces available for the convenience of parents who would like to wait in their vehicles. It is appreciated that all efforts are made to spend as little time in the studio hallways as possible.
  7. If you're sick, stay home
    • ​​​​If you are exhibiting any symptoms of illness, do not come to dance class. 
      • Families will be responsible for monitoring dancers for COVID-19 symptoms identified by public health authorities, disclosing any symptoms to the studio, and not attending studio functions in the event of suspected illness. 
      • Instructors and staff will also be expected to self-monitor and not come to the studio if they are feeling sick, or if they have been in contact with someone who has tested positive. 

For more information, please see our COVID-19 Response & Policy.

By registering for the 2020-2021 season, you are acknowledging that you understand the policies and procedures in place to ensure everyone's safety, voluntarily accept the risk of potential exposure to COVID-19, and understand that all studio schedules and policies are subject to change. Families are also accepting responsibility to monitor registered dancers for symptoms identified by public health authorities, disclose any symptoms to studio management, stay home from all studio events in the event of suspected or confirmed illness or exposure, and adhere to any travel-related isolation protocols identified by health authorities. By completing registration, you are releasing SaskExpress and all associated representatives and employees of liability for potential exposure to COVID-19 and agreeing to comply with the policies implemented, while understanding the many precautions in place to mitigate such risk.