Health & Safety commitments

Our Commitment To You:

We are so excited to welcome both new and returning families to our 2021-2022 season! Though we should be able to return to ‘normal’ operations in time for fall classes, we remain committed to the ongoing health and safety of our students, staff, and community. We have implemented the following procedures as part of our dedication to creating an inclusive, welcoming, and inspiring space for all of our students while always prioritizing their well-being — even after the pandemic.

  1. Be wise, sanitize

    • Students and staff will sanitize or wash their hands upon entry into the building. All frequently touched surfaces (ie. door knobs, ballet barres, and acro mats) will be cleaned frequently, and HEPA filters will continue to be used throughout the studio spaces for air filtration, quality, and circulation.

  2. Have no gloom, there’s always Zoom

    • If your student is not feeling well and is unable to come to class in person, virtual attendance will continue to be an alternative. If you are needing to attend virtually, please notify by 4:30 PM on the day of your class (or 9:00 AM for Saturday classes). All Zoom links can be accessed via the parent portal.

  3. The kitchen (and hallway) is closed for business

    • Our hallway and parent waiting area will be closed to reduce traffic within the building and lessen the use of shared common spaces. Dancers with breaks in their schedule may remain in the designated dancer waiting area. 

  4. It may be tough, but don’t share your stuff

    • Sharing of personal belongings is not recommended. The studio water fountain will be closed, but the bottle filling station will be available. As such, all dancers should bring a water bottle to class, but please avoid bringing any other unnecessary personal items from home.

      • Upon entering the studio, dancers will place outer wear on the designated coat rack outside their studio. 1 small bag may be taken into the class space.

  5. Be on time, every time 

    • Dancers are to arrive dressed for class to limit traffic in and out of the washrooms, and enter the building no more than 5 minutes before their class’ scheduled start time. It is appreciated that all efforts are made to spend as little time in the studio hallways as possible to reduce the risk of shared common spaces.

  6. If you’re sick, stay home

    • If you are exhibiting any symptoms of illness, do not come to class. Please email to notify us of any absences; you are encouraged to attend over Zoom.